We've created a range of tools available both here and on our platform. They can be used to both support you in your business as well as aid discussions with your clients.

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Maximum Monthly Benefit calculator

Zurich Income Protection - Maximum Monthly Benefit calculator

Work out the maximum monthly benefit your client can apply for under a Zurich Income Protection policy.

Dual Deferred Period Maximum Benefit calculator

Zurich Income Protection - Dual Deferred Period Maximum Benefit calculator

Work out the maximum benefit your client should apply for under a Zurich Income Protection Policy when selecting dual deferred periods and taking into account any sick pay arrangements your client may have with their employer.

BMI tool

Medical evidence and BMI calculator

Work out what medical evidence is needed across a combination of benefits.

occupational guide

Occupational guide tool

Use your client's occupation to check what we can offer.

Whole of Life calculator

Whole of Life calculator

This tool helps demonstrate how much a Whole of Life policy will be worth based on a client’s life expectancy.

Capital Gains tool

Capital Gains tool

This tool helps you to calculate the realised capital gains and losses that your clients have incurred on the Zurich Intermediary Platform. It can also help you estimate the potential gains that would be realised from a future transaction.

 Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager

The portfolio manager is an independent tool from FE enables you to create, analyse and present up to twenty portfolio recommendations to your clients. It can:

  • Analyse Zurich’s life funds as well as unit trusts and OEICs.
  • See asset allocation, sector split and geographical weightings.
  • Prevents overlap and will help you measure and monitor the diversification of your clients’ portfolios.
  • Once your portfolio is created it will be stored. You can easily monitor and update online - ready for client reviews.
  • This tool is at no cost to you.
Relevant Life Calculator

Relevant Life calculator

Calculate the savings that can be made by selecting tax-efficient death in service life cover.

DDI collection date tool

DDI collection date tool

Use this tool to calculate the initial direct debit collection dates for your clients.