We've created a range of tools available both here and on our platform. They can be used to both support you in your business as well as aid discussions with your clients.

Platform tools

We have tools available on platform. Take a look at what are available once you have logged in.


Whole of Life calculator

Calculate the savings that can be made by selecting tax-efficient death in service life cover.

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Capital Gains Tool

This tool helps you to calculate the realised capital gains and losses thatyour clients have incurred on the Zurich Intermediary Platform. It can also helpyou estimate the potential gains that would be realised from a futuretransaction.

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Living cost calculator

Allows your client’s employees to work out how much it will cost to maintain their lifestyle.

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Life’s ‘little treats’ calculator

Demonstrates to employees where money can be saved on life’s little extras.

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Running a family calculator

The cost of running a household is often more than your client’s employees think!


Medical Evidence and BMI Calculator

Work out what medical evidence is needed across a combination of benefits.

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DGT Calculator

For clients requiring regular payments to supplement their income but are looking to reduce the impact of IHT by 'gifting' a lump sum into a trust.

  • Enter an amount to be ‘gifted’.
  • Select a yearly payment (income) level.
  • Calculate the immediate IHT saving subject to underwriting.
Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager

The portfolio manager is an independent tool from FE enables you to create, analyse and present up to twenty portfolio recommendations to your clients. It can:

  • analyse Zurich’s life funds as well as unit trusts and OEICs
  • See asset allocation, sector split and geographical weightings
  • Prevents overlap and will help you measure and monitor the diversification of your clients’ portfolios
  • Once your portfolio is created it will be stored. You can easily monitor and update online - ready for client reviews
  • This tool is at no cost to you
  • See the full picture. User Guide

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Mobile office app

Mobile office app

Our new Mobile Office app makes it easy to keep up to date with your pipeline whether you’re in or out of the office. The App is available as a free download from Apple's App Store and has been designed for both iPhone/iPad (IOS6 or above).