Critical illness

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Critical illness

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While it's easier to explain the importance of life cover, something often overlooked by clients is what would happen if they were diagnosed with a critical illness*.

Being diagnosed with a critical illness can be devastating news and the emotional and financial impact can be overwhelming but with recent, often ground-breaking advances in medicine, a growing number of people are now not only surviving these major traumas, but going on to live for many, many years after diagnosis. That’s not to say that such illnesses won’t change your client’s life dramatically.

That’s when having critical illness cover can make a huge difference if the worst should happen.  It could allow them to concentrate on their recovery without the financial worries that could come with time off work.

 *Please note, 'critical illness' on this page refers to the conditions listed in Your clients' guide to cover 

  • How to talk about

    If your client was diagnosed with a critical illness, what would that mean for them, their family, home or finances?

    Our critical illness plan will pay a lump sum that your client could use to:

    • pay towards their mortgage or other debts
    • replace some of the income they may lose while unable to work
    • pay for home alterations or specialist equipment to help them recover or cope with any lasting effects.
  • Common questions

    How many critical illness claims did you pay in 2015?

    We paid out 92% of our critical illness claims in 2015, making total payments of £65.4 million to 788 customers.  177 of those claims were paid within 21 days, with the fastest taking just one day to process.

    What conditions does your critical illness policy cover?

    Our critical Illness contract now offers one of the most comprehensive plans in the market covering 85 conditions, this includes 32 additional payment conditions where we will pay out £15,000 or 20% of their total benefit, and whichever is lower.

    Our plan has been designed to provide your clients with cover they can rely on; covering the conditions that affect most people, a range of additional payment conditions for less severe conditions and access to our support services offering help and comfort at a time they really need it.

    Does the critical illness plan cover children?

    Our critical illness plan also covers children. If your clients child suffers a critical illness,  we will pay either 50% of the sum assured  or £25,000, whichever is the lower; or for the definitions under the additional payments conditions we will pay either 20% of the sum assured or £15,000, whichever is the lower, providing financial support to them at a difficult time

    The benefit will apply from the age of three months to 18 years. We’ll only pay one claim for each child but there is no limit to the number of children covered.

    Does your plan include any additional benefits?

    When taking out any Zurich protection plan your clients will also have access to Zurich Support Services.

    It’s a free, professional and confidential counselling/advice service that your clients and their immediate family can use as many times as they need to help through life’s difficulties.

    This is a completely independent and confidential service available at no extra cost.

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