Family and Mortgage protection

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Who is this for?

Our range of protection policies can provide peace of mind for clients who are looking to protect themselves and their dependents from the financial impact of death or critical illness.

  • How to talk about?

    Positioning the need for protection isn’t the easiest of conversations, but with our living costs & cost of running family calculators which you can find under 'Tools' on this page, your clients can clearly see the gap which would be left if a loved one passed away or was unable to work due to illness .

  • Common questions

    What is Zurich's claims history?

    We pride ourselves on looking for reasons to pay claims rather than reasons not to, and our objective is to make sure all valid claims are paid as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    In 2015 we paid out 98.53% of life claims and 92% of our critical illness claims, making combined total payments of over £202.2 million to 2461 customers.

    I want comprehensive cover for my client, what does Zurich offer?

    Our critical Illness contract offers one of the most comprehensive plans in the market covering 85 conditions, this includes 32 additional payment conditions where we will pay out £15,000 or 20% of their total benefit, and whichever is lower.

    Our policy has been designed to provide your clients with cover they can rely on; covering the conditions that affect most people, a range of additional payment conditions for less severe conditions and access to our support services offering help and comfort at a time they really need it.

    Do you offer any additional services?

    When taking out any Zurich protection policy your clients will have access to Zurich Support Services – this is a free, professional and confidential counselling/advice service that your clients and their immediate family can use as many times as they need, to help them through life’s difficulties. This is a completely independent and confidential service available at no extra cost.

  • Relevant documents

Level Protection Plan

For clients looking to provide a sum of money to protect their family should they die, or be diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness.
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Adaptable Life Plan

For clients looking to provide a cash sum for their family should they die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.
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Income Protection Plan

Through illness or injury, if an employer stops paying your client’s salary, we take over. Our cover also protects the self-employed too.
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Decreasing Mortgage Cover Plan

For clients wanting to pay-off the outstanding amount on a mortgage if they die, are diagnosed with a terminal illness, or a critical illness covered by the plan.
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