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Why Zurich Income Protection?

If your client’s too ill to work or an injury stops them working, they still need to be able to support themselves and their family, and they need time to get better. Zurich Income Protection can help provide financial support until they can work again.

We’ve built our income protection in a way that lets your client choose the cover they want, and change it when their life changes. 

Zurich Income Protection is more than just a monthly income. We’ll give your client the help they need to get better. Our team of rehabilitation nurses, mental health specialists and physiotherapists will work out how we can help them.

Zurich Life Protection Platform

  • Summary of cover

    Both Zurich Income Protection and Zurich Income Protection Select will help support your client through life’s ups and downs. Select provides more benefits, for extra support for them and their family.

    They can choose Income Protection Select when they take out their cover, or they can ask us to add it on any time.

    Income protection

    • Minimum benefit guarantee
    • Rehabilitation support
    • Early claim notification
    • Waiver of premium
    • Return to work package
    • Maternity, paternity and adoption benefit
    • House person benefit
    • Doctor's and surgeon's package
    • Career break

    Income protection select

    In addition to all that's included in income protection, your client will also be covered for these additional benefits.

    • Family carer benefit
    • Funeral benefit
    • Hospital stay benefit
    • Needlestick benefit
    • Trauma benefit

    Take a look at the documents below to find out more:

    Choose the cover that's right for your client

    • Choice of a full term or 2 year limited benefit claim period.
    • Choice of single or dual deferred periods.
    • Option to select deferred periods of 4, 8, 13, 26, 52 and 104 weeks.
    • Choice of level or an increasing cover option.
    • Increasing cover options of 3%, 5% or RPI.
    • Choice of monthly or annual premiums.
    • Guaranteed premiums (unless cover changes or increases).

    Multi-fracture cover

    Protect your clients from the cost of broken bones, dislocations and ruptures with multi-fracture cover. They can add this cover to their policy for an additional cost.

  • Details of cover


    • Minimum premium £5 a month or £50 a year
    • Maximum monthly benefit is the lower of 80% annual net earnings or £20,000. Our Maximum benefit calculator will show you more.
    • Minimum age at entry 16
    • Maximum age at entry 64
    • Maximum age at expiry 69
    • Minimum term 5 years
    • Maximum term 54 years
    • Must be employed or self-employed when the policy starts
    • Must be registered with a UK General Practitioner for at least 2 years
    • UK resident

    Included benefits

    Included benefit Description 
    Minimum benefit guarantee If your client’s chosen monthly benefit is £1,500 or more, we’ll guarantee to pay them at least £1,500 a month, even if their salary has reduced when they claim.
    Rehabilitation support

    Our team of rehabilitation nurses will help with your client’s recovery and sometimes even pay for treatment if they need it.

    Early claim notification As soon as your client lets us know they’re ill, we can start paying their premiums for them and put them in touch with our rehabilitation support team.
    Waiver of premium We’ll pay the premiums on the policy if your client is too ill or injured to work after 13 weeks or at the end of their deferred period, whichever is earliest.
    Return to work package Linked claims– After a claim has ended, if your client goes off work again for the same reason within a 12 month period, a new deferred period will not apply.

    Phased return– If your client returns to work on reduced hours we’ll make up the difference in net earnings for a maximum of 24 months.

    Different occupation – If your client returns to a lower paid occupation, we’ll make up the difference in net earnings.
    Maternity, paternity and adoption benefit If your client takes time off to be with their new baby, and they are ill during this period, we’ll cover them as though they’re working.
    House person benefit If your client is not working when they fall ill, we’ll still cover them if they can’t do daily living tasks. We’ll pay the lower of 80% of net earnings immediately before they stopped working, the monthly benefit or £1,500 per month. 
    Doctors and surgeons package A minimum benefit guarantee of £3,000 for doctors and surgeons and our NHS sick pay guarantee.
    Career break Reduce your client’s cover for up to 12 months.

    Additional benefits

    Additional benefit Description 
    Family carer benefit If your client’s spouse, civil partner or child is too ill to perform certain activities of daily living, we’ll pay the lower of the monthly benefit or £1,500 for up to 12 months.
    Funeral benefit

    If your client dies, we'll pay the lower of 6 times the monthly benefit or £10,000.

    Hospital stay benefit If your client is in hospital during their deferred period for more than six consecutive nights, we’ll help cover their expenses with £100 for each extra night to a maximum of 90 nights.
    Needlestick benefit If an accident at work gives your client HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, we'll pay the lower of 6 times the monthly benefit or £50,000.
    Trauma benefit

    If an accident or illness leaves your client with one of the following life changing conditions we'll pay the lower of 6 times the monthly benefit or £50,000;

     Loss of hand or foot
     Loss of speech
     Paralysis of limb
     Loss of ability to live independently and perform 3 of the 6 activities of daily living
     Loss of ability to live independently due to mental failure

    Multi-fracture cover If your client breaks a bone, dislocates a joint, ruptures their Achilles tendon or tears a cruciate ligament in their knee, we could pay them up to £6,000 per policy year. Find out more on the Multi-fracture cover page.

  • Flexibility

    We’ve built our products in a way that lets your business clients choose the level of cover they want, and change it when their employee's life changes. And we’ve made it much easier to do. So where we can, we’ve made it possible for them to make changes without having to go through underwriting and asking questions about the employee's health, or changes in their personal circumstances.

    As an adviser you will have the ability to make changes to the whole of life policy. You can access this through our online adviser portal.

    Milestone benefit

    A lot can happen between the day your client takes out critical illness cover and the day they need to make a claim. They might get married, have a child, change jobs or get a promotion. They’ll need cover that reflects these changes.

    When significant events happen, your client can change their sum assured using the milestone benefit without answering any questions about their health. If your client uses the milestone benefit, their premiums will change.

    The significant events are:

    icon Mortgage

    Take out a mortgage or increase the mortgage they already have

    icon Marriage

    Get married or enter a civil partnership


    icon Separation

    Divorce, separate or dissolve a civil partnership


    icon Become a parent

    Start a family 


    icon Pay rise

    Get a pay rise of 10% or more 


    The maximum increase your client can make to their monthly benefit is the lower of half of their original monthly benefit or £10,000 per year.

    In addition to this, they can increase their monthly benefit by up to £20,000 per year if they have had an increase in salary by more than 20% since the start date of the policy.

    This benefit must be used within 90 days of the significant life event and can only be used if your client is 54 years old or younger.

    Policy changes requiring underwriting

    • Increase the monthly benefit
    • Increase the policy term
    • Reduce the deferred period
    • Remove longest deferred period on dual deferred periods
    • Add a dual deferred period
    • Change from income protection to income protection select
    • Review the premium if your client previously smoked
    • Change from 2 year limited term to full term

    Policy changes not requiring underwriting

    • Reduce the monthly benefit
    • Reduce the policy term
    • Change from income protection select to income protection
    • Change from full term to 2 year limited term
    • Remove increasing cover
    • Increase deferred period
    • Remove shortest deferred period on dual deferred periods
    • Change the rate on increasing cover
    • Add and remove multi-fracture cover

    Did you know...?

    Your client can make changes to their policy at specific points during the term.

    To find out more, take a look at our Flexibility of cover guide.

  • Zurich Support Services
    Zurich Support Services is so much more than just a counselling service. We understand that there are things going on at home that can affect your client’s work-life, and also things that are going on at work that affect their personal life. Zurich Support Services aim to help them achieve a positive work-life balance. 


    Talk to the team about anything at any time

    Your client can talk to them about anything, from daily worries to major life events. Even if the team can’t help on the call, they can point them in the direction of someone who can. Here are just some of the things people pick up the phone to talk about:

    iconDaily worries

    • Looking for a job
    • Paying back debts
    • Managing household bills
    • Checking consumer rights

    iconBig life events

    • Planning a wedding
    • Facing separation or divorce
    • Dealing with bereavement or loss
    • Moving to a new house

    icon Emotional support

    • Coping with anxiety or depression
    • Living with illness or disability
    • Revisiting life goals
    • Asking about therapy


    • Dealing with pressure or stress
    • Balancing work with a private life
    • Facing bullying or harassment
    • Understanding employment rights

    Zurich Support Services are available to your client 24 hours a day 365 days a year and can be used from the moment the policy is taken out.

    Find out more

  • Making a claim

    If your client needs to make an income protection claim they’ll have a lot going on, so we’ve made it as easy as we can. They’ll have their own dedicated claims specialist who’ll be with them every step of the way.  

    The sooner your client gets the support they need, the sooner they’re likely to get better. That’s why at Zurich we have a team of rehabilitation nurses who are medical experts, trained to support people through both minor and life changing injuries and illnesses. Once our rehabilitation team has been in touch, we can start paying your clients premium’s for them right away with our early claim notification feature.

    Our claims specialists will work closely with the rehabilitation team in assessing the claim and identifying a return to work plan to aid their recovery.

    For income protection claims

    Call us on: 0370 243 0827 

    Or email:

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