Income Protection Plan

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Does your client aim to provide a regular income to replace some or all of their earnings should they be unable to work dues to an illness or an injury, even if they are self employed?

The plan is designed to provide a benefit sufficient to maintain an adequate standard of living, but also at a level to encourage a return to work – when benefit payments stop.

  • Features and benefits

    Who is it for?

    The plan covers both the employed and the self-employed, to protect themselves from loss of earning should they be unable to work.

    Features and benefits

    • Premiums start from as little as £11 a month
    • Max benefit 60% of the first £45,000 of income plus 33.33% of income in excess of £45,000, less a single person's long term incapacity benefit
    • Option to select deferred period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months
    • Cover is offered on an own occupation definition, however for some occupations that require a high degree of medical fitness, a licence to perform the occupation, or total dependence on the use of hands or voice, we'll apply a special definition of disability
    • Indexation can be included
    • Multiple claims allowed
    • Personal claims handlers appointed to deal with claims by our dedicated UK based claims team
    • Access to Zurich Support Service, providing around the clock assistance with any work, personal or family related matter

    Types of plans available

    There are two versions of the plan to choose from:

    • Premier Cover - provides cover until the plan ends, no matter how many claims you client makes.
    • Essential Cover - provides cover for five years. If the plan schedule says the plan is renewable, there is an option to renew the cover for a further five years. Your client can continue to do this every five years unless the renewal into another five year term plan would take them beyond the plan termination age. In these circumstances your client can extend the term of their existing plan provided there is at least one year to run before the plan termination age. The plan cannot be renewed if we have paid a claim during the term of the plan. 

    Risks to consider

    If your client stops paying for their plan, their cover and plan will end after 30 days and we won’t refund any payments already made.

    Payment protection benefit risks to be aware of:

    • If you don’t take into account any income your client could receive from other sources, they may be paying for more benefit than they can claim.
    • If your client’s earnings have reduced at the time of a claim, we may reduce the benefit we pay out.
    • We won’t refund any payments made if your client has paid for a higher benefit than they can claim and we reduce the benefit we pay.
    • If your client receives this benefit, they may not be able to receive some means-tested state benefits.
  • Application

    To get a Premier or Essential Income Protection quote please call us on 0800 015 9812.

    You can download the application form here.


    • The plan can cover one person only.
    • Your client must be between 16 and 59 years old when the plan starts.
    • The plan must end before your clients 65th birthday.
    • Your client must be resident in the United Kingdom to take out a plan and intend to stay here.
  • Account management

    For all plan amendments you should contact your Zurich Business Account Manager directly, or call us on 08085 546 546 and we’ll be happy to help.

    The plan includes an option to increase cover at any time. All we need is your client’s current health, earnings, occupation and activities. If we agree to increase the cover, your client’s payments to us will increase.

    If earnings have reduced and the income protection benefit is higher than the maximum we’ll pay, you can reduce cover for your client.

  • How Zurich helps you

    What makes us really stand out from the crowd is the practical support we offer you, from prospecting for clients through to claim…


    Access to an experienced and knowledgeable Business Account Manager dedicated to work with you to protect your clients’ financial futures and help grow your business by adding value to your proposition.

    Technical support team

    You’ll receive high-quality pre-sale technical support. You can phone, email and write to the team for timely and accurate responses on every area of your business. They can be contacted through your dedicated Zurich Business Account Manager.


    We pride ourselves on our claims record. In 2015, Zurich paid £212.6 million in protection insurance benefits. Below, you can see the amount paid for each type of cover:

    • £136.8 million in death claims,
    • £65.4 million in critical illness claims and
    • £10.4 million when illness or disability stopped someone working.

    When it comes to your clients claiming on their plans, we aim to pay as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Supportive underwriting team

    With Zurich, you’ll have access to:

    • expert underwriters who treat each case individually - we’re not interested in what other providers say
    • a pre-application enquiry helpline for direct contact with our underwriters
    • life or critical illness cases above £350,000 or where the monthly premium is £250 or more
    • a dedicated large case underwriting team for life or critical cases above £350,000 sum assured
    • a 24-hour turnaround, pre-planning service, pre-application medicals, individual case management, and a choice of own doctor or flexible private medicals - for cases above £1 million sum assured or with monthly premiums of £250 or more.

    Zurich support service

    Zurich support service is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year freephone helpline that provides assistance to your clients with any work, personal or family related matter. It is a confidential and independent service, available at no cost:

    • available to your clients and their family
    • bound by professional standards of confidentiality and disclosure of information
    • staffed by a team of experienced advisers.
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