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To support you in writing protection business on our Life Protection Platform, we have created a number of how to videos and answered your most frequently asked questions.

Zurich Life Protection Platform

Adviser pipeline how to videos

To help you manage your pipeline effectively, view our step by step video guides. We have videos on managing the pipeline, viewing applications that require updates, updating policy information, making amendments before issuing, checking underwriting updates and more.


How does commission flexibility work?

You can choose to give up some or all of your commission to reduce the customer premium. This is done by inputting the desired percentage of your entitlement you wish to receive.

If commission flex is chosen, the whole premium will be reduced, including any premiums for additional benefits such as fracture cover, and any multi policy discount.

This can be done at either the quote or decision stage of the online application journey, but cannot be amended once you proceed past the ‘Decision’ screen.

What commission terms are available on own life policies?

Commission can only be paid on a non-indemnity basis for own life cases, with checking in place to confirm this. Where an own life case is submitted on an indemnity basis we will cancel the policy and ask you to re-submit a new application.

Is commission uplift still available?

We have changed the way this works for business submitted on the platform. An additional 10% Lautro commission may be payable for business submitted using the ‘Interactive’ underwriting route (subject to your distributor arrangement).

Contact us

What are my options when I call Zurich?

When you dial 0370 850 4419, you will be met with two initial options:

  1. Your query is pre-Life Protection platform (plan starts with a number), or
  2. New LPP queries (policy starts with a letter)

Following this, there are then five options, listed below in order:

  1. Completing an application, or underwriting query
  2. Guidance of our protection website
  3. New policy yet to be started, non-medical and does not have premiums paid (e.g. direct debit)
  4. Speak to UW about pre-application indication of terms
  5. General information about a live/existing policy with premiums already paid, including change of address or direct debit)

Please choose the right option for your query so that you can talk to our dedicated teams as quickly as possible.

Hints and tips

Can I use the back browser button?

Our platform is not designed to use the back browser button. You can, however, use the on screen navigation options to go back to a previously completed section. Note – Once you proceed passed the ‘Decision’ screen you cannot use the navigation options to go back any further than this screen.

The application can be sensitive to pressing ‘back’ on the browser and so in clicking back it might cause an error. In most cases, log in again and it should be possible to pick up a quote or application from where you left off.

Issuing business

To help you issue business on the Zurich Life Protection Platform, view our step by step video guide and frequently asked question.

What if I don’t know the policy start date?

Please do not issue the policy until you know the start date. Once a policy is issued the start date is fixed and can't be changed. The policy would then need to be cancelled and a new one rekeyed.


How are Zurich pricing for smoking with the new products?

We have made a change to the way we price for smoking on the new products. We will now have 3 categories of smoking:

  • non-smoker, not smoked for at least 5 years
  • ex-smoker, not smoked for between 1 and 5 years
  • smoker, has smoked in the last 12 months

Not all portals have the facility to quote on an ex-smoker basis, so we will see some cases being quoted on portals as non-smoker, but if and when they come through to Zurich we find they are an ex-smoker, there will be a price increase for these cases.

You can find out more information by selecting the lifestyle tab on our Underwriting page.

How does Zurich view birthdays in relation to quotes?

If a life assured has a quarter birthday in the time between quote and receiving an underwriting decision this may be reflected in the final premium on the decision. If a life assured has a quarter birthday between when you have submitted a start date and when the policy becomes active on the start date then there is no change to the premium.

Why is the premium different to the portal quote?

This can occur when you quote as a non-smoker on the portal but when you access the Zurich Life Protection Platform if the client has smoked within the last 12-36 months they will be reclassified as an ex-smoker and the quote will be adjusted to reflect this.

If a policy ends on a specific age, is the premium adjusted?

Yes, the last month of the policy will be a part month and this will be reflected in the final premium.


When do applications automatically time out?

  • 90 days after an underwriting decision has been made
  • 365 days for an application with no decision

Once an application has been cancelled it is not always possible to reverse this, so a new application may need to be resubmitted if the customer wishes to reopen.

Do I need to send in paper documents?

No. If you fully complete the application journey online there is no requirement for any paper documents.

Sales Support

Can medical evidence be requested up front?

No. All applications need to be submitted before evidence can be requested. This is to ensure the correct evidence is requested and the appropriate chase cycle is in place.


Does the customer have a portal?

Yes a Customer portal is available and customers can view policies, access the document library for their policies and make basic changes online (change address, change direct debit). Customers will get an email to register to set this up after their policy(s) have issued.


What options are there for putting policies in trust?

Policies can be put in trust online, as part of the application process, without the need for a customer signature. Or you can continue to use paper trusts as you do today. Trusts are valid per policy, therefore if more than one policy is being applied for please ensure each policy going into trust has its own trust form.

Do I need to submit paper trusts?

No, unless the policy has already been issued. Completing Trusts online avoids duplication and will ensure that fields are completed fully before creating the Trust, reducing the number of common errors that come with paper submissions. However, Relevant Life and Business Protection Trusts are not currently available online.

Can I use paper trusts?

If the application is still in progress then an online trust can be added and there is no need for a paper trust. Once a policy is issued, then the trust must be done via paper.

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