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To explain some of the new and improved protection products available and our underwriting philosophy, we have answered your most frequently asked questions.

Zurich Life Protection Platform


What changes can be made to a policy once it is issued?

The new platform comes with extensive contractual change capability allowing you to change your customer's policies to meet their changing needs. The changes available include:

  • increases and decreases in cover
  • changes in term length
  • adding and removing benefits
  • changing increasing or decreasing rates

You can see a complete list of what changes can be made to a Personal Protection policy and Income Protection policy by following the links below and selecting the flexibility tab.

How do I carry out a contractual change?

This can be done by yourself on your portal. You need to find the policy in My Policies, then click Servicing, and then amend the policy details as desired. If the change involves an increase in risk we will carry out further underwriting to confirm whether or not we can offer the change and on what terms.

You can see a complete list of what changes can be made to a Personal Protection policy and Income Protection policy by following the links below and selecting the flexibility tab.

Why have Zurich's disability definitions changed?

We have reviewed our critical illness offering and added a number of new conditions so this lessened the need for activities of daily living and loss of independence.

Both activities of daily living and loss of independence were difficult conditions to claim against and we observed a higher decline rate on these conditions than others as a result. By removing them, and adding other more specific conditions instead we have improved the clarity and certainty for customers.

What is children's conversion benefit?

At age 16, any children covered by children’s benefit on an existing policy will have the ability to take out their own policy without needing to answer health and activity questions. The child will get the critical illness product that we sell at the time of conversion, with the T&Cs for that policy. This will include contractual change to allow them to increase cover if they wish. There is no waiting period, and no requirement for the parent to cancel their children's cover. It is likely that £25,000 of cover will be above minimum premiums, but we can consider concessions for any cases where the children's conversion benefit would result in a premium which is below our minimum premium.


Are we asking the same underwriting questions?

Most of the main application questions and drill down questions are the same.

Are access to medical records forms being sent via Docusign?

Yes, a Docusign request for consent is emailed to the customer automatically as soon as the underwriting engine requests medical evidence.

Docusign includes its own automated chase cycle. Therefore there is no requirement for you to send a paper AMRA.

When is medical evidence chased?

After 5, 25, & 35 working days.

What happens if medical details are changed?

The application will be reassessed and reissued this means the customer will get a new policy number. It may be able to be assessed immediately or will possibly require medical evidence depending on what we have been told.

Does the online underwriting save the follow up questions?

The online 'interactive' underwriting journey is responsive to the answers entered. So if the answer to a question is ‘yes’, new follow up questions will appear on the screen in place of the questions in the main list.

Once the follow-up questions are completed, the section will close (you won’t see the answers to the follow up questions any more, but an option to add or amend) and it will be possible to complete the main list. All answers are replayed in the underwriting summary at the end of online 'interactive' underwriting.

By using the ‘interactive’ journey you are more likely to receive an immediate point of sale decision.

How do I ensure refer decisions proceed to underwriting?

If the online underwriting decision is to ‘refer’ then you must click on the button to proceed to the next screen (to enter GP details).

If they do not do this, the application will not be sent to underwriting and will just sit in pipeline.

What if my client has more than one doctor?

The online journey only allows for one GP details. Doctor's details will be used to request medical reports. You and your client should decide who is best to select to support the requirement of these types of details.

When the Docusign request for the access to medical records form is emailed to the life assured, there is another opportunity to specify the doctor details, which has more free text so additional instructions can be provided at that point by the life assured.

What if I don't know the doctor's details?

If you select 'no GP' or don't populate anything on this page when there is a referred decision, then you can send the application to underwriting but still return to update the doctors details at a later date.

If GP details are already submitted, there is no option to change the GP details through the adviser portal. If this scenario arises then the adviser/customer will need to contact Zurich for an update to be made.

How do I see if medical information has been received?

For GP reports, AMRAs and Medical appointments, the 'Application Activity' within the adviser portal will be updated and a notification sent once they have been processed.

What is the reason for postpone/decline?

There may be a number of reasons why an application has been delayed or declined. If this does not appear in the 'Application Activity' within the adviser portal, please call us. Note – If the reason for delaying or declining a decision is of a personal nature we may not be able to disclose this information and the customer may need to call us directly for further information.


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