Multi fracture cover

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Why multi-fracture cover?

Protect your clients from the cost of broken bones, dislocations, Achilles tendon ruptures and cruciate ligament tears with multi-fracture cover.

Depending on what they do for a living, this kind of injury could put them off work for several weeks or months. Or it could make getting to work much more difficult. So, if your client takes out a Zurich Personal Protection or Zurich Income Protection policy, they can add multi-fracture cover at any time. They won’t have to answer any questions about their health or activities.

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  • Summary of cover

    Multi-fracture cover will pay a lump sum if your client:

    • Breaks a bone, like their arm or their leg.
    • Dislocates a joint, like their shoulder or their hip.
    • Ruptures their Achilles tendon.
    • Tears a cruciate ligament in their knee.

    Your clients will receive either £2,000, £4,000 or £6,000 depending on their injury. They can claim multiple times each policy year up to a maximum of £6,000.

    For joint policies, this benefit can be added for either or both lives assured.

    Some activities pose a higher risk of injury than others, so there are some we don't cover. We will not pay a claim if an injury occurs while taking part in any of the following: BMX or mountain biking, boxing, Gaelic football, horse riding, hurling, martial arts, cage fighting, motor car or motor cycle sport, rugby or shinty.

    For a full list of the injuries covered, please refer to our multi-fracture cover sales aid.

    Multi-fracture cover is available on Zurich Personal Protection and Zurich Income Protection for an additional cost.

    Choose the cover that’s right for your client

    Add and remove fracture cover to your client’s policy without the need for underwriting.

  • Details of cover


    • Minimum age at entry 16
    • Maximum age at entry 64
    • Maximum age at expiry 70
    • Minimum term 5 years
    • Maximum term 54 years
    • Only available with Zurich Personal Protection or Zurich Income Protection
    • Maximum of one multi-fracture cover option for each life assured and can only be added if they don't already have it on any other policy with Zurich
    • UK resident
  • Making a claim

    If your client needs to make a multi-fracture claim, they’ll have their own dedicated claims specialist who’ll be with them every step of the way. All we need from them is a copy of their medical discharge summary, confirming full details of the fracture or injury. We reserve the right to obtain radiological imaging or other objective evidence from the client’s doctor.

    To make a claim:

    Call us on: 0370 243 0827 

    Or email:

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