More than an investment solution

We’re supportive of intermediated advice, and this is why we’ve invested heavily to make sure the Zurich Intermediary Platform will be your first choice now and for the future.

Why our Platform?

Our Platform has been designed around you to enable you to run your business more efficiently and deliver your advice more effectively at all stages of the advice process - from getting to know your client, creating your advice, implementing your advice and on-going servicing and client management. So what makes us stand out?

Ease of use

We’ve made our Platform as easy to use as possible to make your life easier:

  • Streamlined processes, real-time transactions, clear and simple navigation, faster responses.
  • Single data entry - avoid having to re-key data from back office systems into their front end platform client data screens.
  • Integration - DT and Intelliflo users will benefit from deeper integration further improving efficiencies.
  • Automatic disinvestment.
  • Regular statements with bulk distribution functions.
  • For information on our charges, please contact your Business Account Manager.

Functionality and features

We have adopted and enhanced functionality to deliver a robust, sustainable and flexible retail platform proposition for the UK market.

  • Pre-funding – The Zurich Intermediary Platform pre-funds certain investment transactions, including pension relief at source, mutual fund rebates, investment switches and investment of monies on receipt of a cheque.
  • Phased investment – One or more phased investment strategies can be set up at any time.
  • Family linking - We offer valuable flexibility that can deliver significant cost savings to families amongst your clients. Client accounts may be linked (e.g. into family groups) to enable an aggregate lower annual Platform charge.
  • Integration - Ability to integrate off platform assets and record legacy assets.
  • Real time transactions.
  • Personalisation - personalise your screens for your clients to see, should you choose.
  • Independent tools - a broad range of tools developed by FE and eValue are available to help you research and deliver the best advice possible. These tools, made available at no additional cost, are wholly independent and demonstrate no bias towards a Zurich solution. 

Strength and support

Here for the long term, we are financially sound - with a commitment to the intermediary marketplace.

  • Platform Adoption Team and support services - Here to help you get the most from the many features and tools on the Platform. Our team of regionally based Platform Adoption Consultants are tasked with supporting your firm with appropriate training, and to help manage any issues arising during the course of the adoption process. The team will specifically cover the configuration of the Platform to your needs and the creation and delivery of a tailored training programme and can help to migrate your clients to the Platform with a minimum of disruption.

Fund options and investment choices

We have a range of funds and asset classes with access to over 3,000 funds (onshore and offshore) from more than 120 fund managers, across a wide range of asset classes. This includes all funds from Omnis and the full range of funds available on Openwork's preferred fund list. We also have access to a number of Discretionary Investment Managers and a large range of exchange traded assets from our Stockbroker.

  • Model Portfolios - Can be created by you, your firm or your network to reflect a particular risk profile or asset mix. This includes the Graphene model portfolios created by Openwork.

Platform protection

We have an investment-linked protection product designed specifically as an additional benefit to our platform proposition.

Zurich Accidental Death Cover is provided free of charge for one year will pay a sum assured to your beneficiaries if your client dies, or if the plan is in joint names the first person dies, as the result of an accident within one year from the start of their Zurich Portfolio.

Servicing and client management

You can take a number of actions on your clients’ behalf using the Platform as well as giving them access to their own Zurich Portfolio allowing them to view their portfolio online. Actions on your clients’ behalf include:

  • Real-time transactions – respond promptly to investment opportunities or specific client requests.
  • Top-ups - (no minimum, one-off payments by cheque, BACS or CHAPS).
  • Payments - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly by direct debit.
  • Withdrawals - partial, regular or one-off withdrawals at any time.
  • Portfolio rebalancing – because client circumstances and ambitions change over time.
  • Instant valuations – 24/7 to react quickly to client requests.
  • Client reports – to keep them up-to-date.
  • Change of personal details.

Contact us

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