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We’ve a range of tools available on our platform to help you with all aspects of assessing and meeting your clients’ needs. 

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Assessing attitude to risk

Attitude to risk tool

This tool helps you to assess a client’s attitude to investment risk and acts as a starting point for a wider discussion on the topic of risk.

How it works

  • 13 questions with additional questions available to validate the profile and to discuss your clients capacity for loss.
  • The answers generate an indicative risk profile for your client.
  • It provides an asset mix appropriate for your client's profile.
  • The questions can be retaken and alternative profiles reviewed to test 'what if' scenarios to better meet your client's risk position.
  • Reports can be exported to your back office system, while the results are automatically passed in to the Investment and Retirement planners.
  • The tool reflects the finalised guidance from the FCA Paper FG 11/05 (published in March 2011), including the opportunity to discuss capacity for loss.

Fund risk assessor

This tool helps you to gauge the risk profile of a portfolio of funds, or a single fund, whilst taking into account the time horizon of the investment. It then positions the portfolio on the risk benchmark used in Advisa Centa. This can help you ensure that the risk profiling and asset selection process you are using is appropriate, robust and drives the best outcomes possible for your clients.

How it works

  • It allows you to select a fund or portfolio of funds from a search box. The make-up of a portfolio of funds can be entered to ensure it reflects the proportion each fund makes up, of that portfolio.
  • The portfolio or a set of different portfolios can be reviewed in a separate screen which allows you to adjust:
  • the length of time the investment will be held
  • whether the results will be shown on a risk benchmark or in terms of volatility
  • the risk benchmark on which it will be shown (a variety of eValue benchmarks are available)
  • It provides an asset mix appropriate for your client's profile.
  • You can then view where the fund or portfolio of funds sits on the risk benchmark for the given time horizon.
  • Therefore, you can identify whether the holdings are appropriate for the customer’s attitude to risk. This can be used when reviewing existing holdings or during the preparation and research phase before making recommendations.

Assets and Funds performance

Portfolio scan

This tool provides detailed analysis on a newly created or existing client-specific portfolio, as well as comparing performance against a benchmark index.

How it works

  • The scan compares the client's portfolio against a benchmark index over a specific period, analysing portfolio composition and top holdings, asset allocation, sectors and regions, cumulative and discrete performance and stock overlap.
  • Generates a report that can then be printed and/or saved to your desktop.

Model portfolio analyser

This tool helps you to compare a client’s existing portfolio with one or more model portfolios, focusing specifically on returns against volatility.

How it works

  • Identifies whether your client is exposed to too much risk for the anticipated returns.
  • Identifies whether your client may be able to achieve better returns for the investment risk being taken.
  • Can support a recommendation to move assets into a risk-rated model portfolio, created by Morningstar*, your firm, yourself or an investment adviser.
  • Generates a report that can then be printed and/or saved to your desktop.
* Zurich is not responsible for, and does not endorse the Morningstar model portfolios that we make available on the platform.

Zurich Portfolio report

Developed with FE, the new Zurich Portfolio Report helps you collate information from across the platform supplying you with a single report for use during client reviews.

The report is aimed at reducing your administrative burden whilst delivering a review process that brings to life your clients’ investments.

The report is simple, straight forward, easy to understand and can be generated via the Zurich Intermediary Platform.

The report provides an all in one view of the portfolio and accounts within it, helping you to manage your clients’ tax position, structure client meetings and identify potential actions that need to take place regarding the client's investments.

How it works

  • The report can be generated for individual, joint and trust portfolios across the following time frames:
  • Since inception
  • Last 6 months
  • Last 12 months
  • Current tax year
  • Previous tax year
  • Year to date
  • With the exception of reports generated for the previous tax year, the data in the report will reflect the Portfolio's position as at the end of the previous day. This is reflected in the dates shown on the report.
  • The report is generated from an FE web page which can be accessed via the client portfolio dashboard or from the portfolio search screen.

Forecasting tools

Investment planner

The planner helps you to explain investment risk to a client and helps the client understand the likelihood of reaching their investment goals - all from a single screen.

How it works

  • The planner compares risk strategies against an alternative investment in cash.
  • Resulting calculation can take account of inflation and taxed or un-taxed scenarios.
  • Can be used standalone or in conjunction with the Attitude to Risk profiler, results from which are automatically passed through to the investment planner.
  • Results can be saved as a PDF and/or exported to your back office system for inclusion in your own report.
  • Stochastic forecasts are created using the Towers Watson CAP:Link engine.

Pension freedoms planner

The planner helps you to analyse your client’s current situation and – based on retirement forecasts and as many scenarios as you want to run through – see how likely it is that they will meet their goals and achieve the income they need.

How it works

  • Designed to help you explore retirement options with your clients in greater detail to assist in making suitable recommendations and to help your clients make a retirement plan.
  • Analyses your clients’ current situation, based on all of the assets and income they may have available during their retirement. You can alter the retirement options and explore “what if” scenarios to show how changing any element of their retirement plan could improve their lifestyle in the future.
  • Allows you to identify shortfalls, make changes to help meet those shortfalls and in doing so gives the context a client needs to make good financial decisions
  • Data is input in as much or little detail as you choose and then used to generate projections for the future. A report is produced to provide a summary of the information that has been input, and a range of “what if” scenarios can be created and used for comparison.
  • The basis of all assumptions within the tool is stochastic forecasting (this type of modelling calculates 1,000 different scenarios and shows the range of possible returns, highlighting the likely middle result and the full range between higher and lower results).
  • The forecasts take into account all types of possible scenarios such as large and sudden rises or drops in the equity markets.
  • Stochastic forecasts are created using the Towers Watson CAP:Link engine.

Retirement planner

The planner helps you to demonstrate the impact on a client’s retirement fund or income, should they change their retirement age, contributions, salary or risk profile - all from a single screen.

How it works

  • The planner compares alternative risk strategies and how they may affect a client's current plans for retirement
  • Forecasts can take Stake benefits and other investments, pensions and assets your client holds into account.
  • Can be used standalone or in conjunction with the Attitude to Risk profiler.
  • Forecasts can be automatically exported as a PDF report, which can then be printed and/or saved to your desktop.
  • Stochastic forecasts are created using the Towers Watson CAP:Link engine.

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