Platform updates

Here you’ll find all the latest updates to our Zurich Intermediary Platform. These recent changes are aimed at supporting you through the most recent regulatory change as well as using your feedback to improve our platform experience for you and your clients.

Improving the Zurich Intermediary Platform

On occasion, the changes we introduce centre on improving the back office services of our Platform and these don’t significantly impact advisers, their clients or the services we are providing.

In this latest release and following the introduction of GDPR last year, we will no longer hold client data that has been collected on the Platform for which we do not have a signed declaration from a customer and there has been no activity for six months.

This Release introduces a rolling programme of deleting un-submitted plans which have been sitting in Work in Progress (WIP) for more than six months when we do not have a signed contract with a customer and there has been no activity for 6 months.

It is important to note the six month period starts when the WIP is last saved. If the Account/Wizard is opened and resaved the clock is reset and there is no deletion of information when we have received a signed declaration, even if no money has been received.

These changes have been made to ensure we meet with GDPR requirements.

Introducing the Junior Portfolio

In this release we have launched our Junior Portfolio for under 18s. The Portfolio will include a Cash Account and can also include a Junior ISA and/or Junior Retirement Account.

Junior Portfolio

To set up a Junior Portfolio, click on the menu and select New junior portfolio.


New Client Summary

In order to try and make it easier for you to find information about your client’s portfolio we have introduced a Client summary PDF to the dashboard screen. Click on the PDF link and enter the date range (maximum 12 months) that you wish to view.



Costs and Charges and Dual Priced Funds

As part of this release we have amended our approach to the calculation of Costs and Charges and it is now able to accurately reflect the cost of dual priced funds.

Other Changes

As we continue to improve the user journey through the platform a number of other changes have been made as part of this release:

  • A confirmation messages on submission of new business will now display.
  • The product provider address is now pre-populated on the transfer authority form, if it has been entered manually.
  • Portfolio name will now accept “&”.
  • Investment Life Cover will now only show in the new portfolio journey.

Improving the Zurich Intermediary Platform

In this release we have made some significant enhancements to the way the platform looks and feels and taken on your feedback about the way you want to use the platform with your customers. This is the first phase of the changes we are making, and in this release we have updated the dashboard and the screens that you use to submit new portfolios and top-ups to existing portfolios.

New Dashboard

In this release we have made some significant enhancements to the way the platform looks and feels and taken on your feedback about the way you want to use the platform with your customers. This is the first phase of the changes we are making, and in this release we have updated the dashboard and the screens that you use to submit new portfolios and top-ups to existing portfolios.


Search Function

A new search function at the top of the dashboard page allows you to search more quickly for a customer’s portfolio.

Quick Links

On the firm dashboard pages and the portfolio dashboard pages we have introduced quick link functions which will enable you to quickly access areas of the platform that you use most often.

User Names

We have introduced the ability for the platform to automatically remember user names to ensure that signing in is quick and hassle free. The next time you log in tick the, “remember me on this computer” box and your user name will be pre-populated next time you come to our site.

New Portfolios and Top-ups to existing portfolios

Placing new business onto the platform will now be easier, more flexible and quicker. We have changed the journey from a fixed input basis through a number of screens to a single page application with expandable sections.


Supporting you through regulatory change

In 2016 the FCA introduced new rules affecting the advice process for pensions, including that advisers must show clients what effect a change to their retirement benefits would have before it is made.

We already have functionality to allow you to run an ad-hoc illustration to show benefits before any changes.

The changes were outlined in PS16/12, which followed a consultation on the pension freedoms introduced in 2015.

Illustrations available pre-submission

To help you meet these requirements we have made illustrations for drawdown accounts available prior to you submitting changes through the existing pension payment out options – income review, change payment and one-off payment.


Within each function, you will be given the option to produce an illustration prior to submitting the changes being made.

An example from the One-off payment function is shown below.


Multiple income changes illustration (coming soon)

We are also working on a new illustration function that will be available soon. It will allow you to illustrate multiple income changes. For your clients who already have a Retirement Account in drawdown, you will be able to illustrate changes to regular income and ad-hoc income payments in the same illustration. This will allow you to show your client the impact of these changes and give them the clearest view of their options. This illustration will also be available to illustrate UFPLS on accumulation Retirement Accounts. Any changes you then wish to proceed with, you can make in the normal way.


Adding flexi-access drawdown and UFPLS capability

You asked, we listened. We have made a number of changes in the drawdown illustration function, now renamed as ‘Crystallisation event Illustration’.

  • You can now Illustrate UFPLS through this function, allowing you to provide UFPLS illustrations without selling the investments to cash first.
  • We have removed the age restriction of 55 too, allowing you to illustrate drawdown and UFPLS in advance of your client’s 55th birthday.


Illustration calculations

You may also notice a slight variation in illustration figures post PS16/12 implementation. This may affect those with particularly large holdings in cash or assets with high growth rates.

PS16/12 has introduced some regulations that mean:

  • The charge on cash interest rates has to be included in the illustration
  • Changes to the way we have to cap fund growth rates assumed in illustrations as specified by FCA maximum rates.

A reduction in the Money Purchase Annual Allowance

Please remember that the MPAA will reduce from 06/04/2017. The new limit is now £4,000 and our platform has updated to reflect this. You will now receive an alert when your clients’ payments reach £3,000.

Improving the customer journey

We've taken on board your feedback and done something about it. The changes we have made are all aimed at providing you with a smoother, more efficient service.

Adding cash option when editing regular DD

Building on the recent delivery of our ‘edit regular payments in’ function, you can now add cash to the asset strategy when you go to edit a client’s regular payment. This means you don’t have to stop and start the regular again if you wish to add cash as part of your asset strategy.


Nomination of Beneficiary form

To prevent you filling in unnecessary paperwork and to make it clearer when you need to send this in, we have changed the point at which we present you with the Nomination of Beneficiary form. The messaging has also changed to be more informative, so you know exactly where and when in the process the form is required.


Improving usability in disclose and authorise journey

We have improved the usability of our ‘disclose and authorise’ journey for bulk switches, rebalances and upgrades based on feedback we have received. Now you can see how many accounts you have selected to process to ensure all are authorised appropriately.



Fixing reported issues

We also made a number of fixes based on feedback provided, and those who have reported it are in the process of being contacted.

We’d love to hear more from you. Please do get in touch with your Business Account Manager if there is anything you feel could be improved about our service. We ensure all your comments are captured and used when prioritising developments.

If you have any further questions about any of these updates and how they will impact you, please speak to your Business Account Manager on 0808 554 6546.