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We’re continuing to improve the Zurich Intermediary Platform, making it quicker and easier for you and your clients. Here you’ll find all the latest updates giving you more time to look after your clients and your business.

What’s new

Introducing Pension Quick Quote

You asked, we listened… introducing the Pension Quick Quote tool on the Zurich Intermediary Platform.

We've taken on board your feedback on our pension illustration process - in particular your desire for a speedier experience - and we’ve done something about it.

With our new Pension Quick Quote tool you can generate a pension illustration by entering only the minimum of data, and all from a single page!

  • We’ve stripped out questions that were not required to produce a compliant illustration
  • We have introduced the ability to illustrate capped drawdown converting to flexi-access drawdown
  • Multiple quotes on different criteria can be achieved in no time
  • Defaults will be assumed for asset allocation and remuneration (if these sections are incomplete)

And we think it looks pretty good too…

Introducing Pension Quick Quote

We are committed to supporting a thriving intermediary community that is able to deliver advice profitably, and our Pension Quick Quote is our latest contribution to that promise.

Alter your remuneration whilst editing clients’ regular payments

Earlier this year, we made it possible for you to edit your clients’ regular payments quickly and easily (and ensured clients knew what had been done). As a result of that change, you can now edit direct debit amounts, payment dates and investment allocations on behalf of your clients without having to stop and start the regular payment.

Now, thanks to our latest upgrade, you can also now change your regular initial remuneration at the same time. Once again, there will be no need to stop and start your clients’ payments.

Alter your remuneration whilst editing clients’ regular payments

Improvements to full withdrawal options

We have upgraded our withdrawal functionality to ensure that all pending charges upon a full withdrawal request are deducted before the withdrawal is made.

This makes for a cleaner experience all round for adviser and client.

Previously, it may have been necessary to leave behind a small amount to cover any possible charges – such as the adviser charge and/or a Zurich charge – that arrived once the withdrawal had been made. This carried the risk that an account balance could turn negative.

Crucially, our upgrade also means there will be no further charges levied if dividend payments continue to arrive in the account. Additionally, if new payments are made, the charging process will kick in automatically once again.

Access individual clients’ ISA allowance information

We have now introduced an individual ISA allowance screen, enabling you to see individual client’s contributions and identify opportunities for top-ups.

Previously, if you wanted to access this information, you would have had to run a full ISA allowance report, but you can now do this on a bespoke basis, helpful when you are seeing clients and wish to discuss their ISA and tax circumstances.

This new screen is available via the ‘Available ISA allowance’ button on the portfolio dashboard, and also when adding new payments…

Access individual clients’ ISA allowance information

This follows an announcement by government in 2015 which led to the creation of the flexible ISA. This allowed your clients to replace withdrawals and adviser charges taken out of their ISA, without the replacement contributions counting towards their annual ISA subscription.

From 6 April 2016, all Zurich’s existing ISAs became flexible ISAs.

Flexible ISA

This update was first published in April 2016 

What’s the update?

Last year the government announced changes to ISA regulation allowing the creation of a 'flexible ISA'. From 6th April 2016 all Zurich ISAs on the Zurich Intermediary Platform will become flexible ISAs. Your clients can deposit up to the £15,240 ISA limit, as well as replace any withdrawals taken from the ISA in the tax year.

The benefit

Read what this means for your clients here.

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