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Protecting clients portfolios

With the addition of Zurich Investment Life Cover, we can help you quickly and easily link a valuable protection plan to your clients' portfolios, and with Zurich Accidental Death Cover, all new platform clients will receive a year's free accidental death benefit.

Zurich Accidental Death Cover

Would your client like added peace of mind with no extra cost?

It can be difficult to get a client to consider something that they hope they will never need. Zurich Accidental Death Cover aims to highlight the importance of financial protection. It automatically provides this for new Platform clients with a year’s free accidental death benefit.

Features and benefits

Who is it for?

For clients - to provide a sum of money to protect their family should they die.

Features and benefits

  • Your clients will be covered for the first year against accidental death, for an amount equal to 10% of the value of their Zurich Portfolio at the time of notification of death, up to a maximum sum assured of £25,000.
  • The plan can cover one person or two people jointly. If the plan is in joint names, we’ll pay out if the first person dies as the result of an accident within 1 year from the start date of your Zurich Portfolio.
  • The plan has no cost.


We will automatically issue Zurich Accidental Death Cover alongside your client’s Zurich Portfolio and there is no additional application or other paperwork for them to complete.

Your clients will be covered for a year against accidental death and must:

  • be resident in the UK for tax purposes for the last six months prior to the plan starting.
  • be at least 18 when the plan starts - this applies to both owners if the plan is in joint names. If the Zurich Portfolio is held in joint names, this plan will pay out on the first accidental death of one of the joint owners.

Your client will not be eligible for a plan if:

  • the Zurich Portfolio is held by the trustees of a trust.
  • the Zurich Portfolio is held in the name of Zurich Life Assurance plc, to hold the Zurich International Portfolio Bond.
  • they are a US national or a US tax payer. If the plan is in joint names this applies to each plan holder.


How Zurich helps you

What makes us really stand out from the crowd is the practical support we offer you, from prospecting for clients through to claim…


Access to an experienced and knowledgeable Business Account Manager dedicated to work with you to protect your clients’ financial futures and help grow your business by adding value to your proposition.

Technical support team

You’ll receive high-quality pre-sale technical support. You can phone, email and write to the team for timely and accurate responses on every area of your business.


We pride ourselves on our claims record. In 2015, Zurich paid £212.6 million in protection insurance benefits. Below, you can see the amount paid for each type of cover:

  • £136.8 million in death claims,
  • £65.4 million in critical illness claims and
  • £10.4 million when illness or disability stopped someone working. When it comes to your clients claiming on their plans, we aim to pay as quickly and efficiently as possible.